Our Expertise

For over twelve years, Specialty Architectural Products, LLC (SAP, LLC) has had the widest variety of decorative glass and glass flooring products in the market place today. Our product selection includes, but is not limited to, Dichrolam, cast (molten), slump cast, fused, etched, laminated glass (all varieties), obscure, art, color coated (back painted), pattern, textured, and numerous custom products that utilize the products and processes listed above. We are your full service supplier. What do we mean by full service? It is our passion to fully equip the designer, owner, or purchaser with all the necessary information needed to not only make an informed selection but to increase the likelihood of a smooth installation. We answer questions like price, lead time, structural specifications, availability, installation, and valued engineering options through our innovative service product, the project report.  

In addition to our decorative glass lines, through our close partnership with Jockimo Inc, we have the most extensive and versatile line of glass  treads and flooring products in the Western Hemisphere. Jockimo Inc has glass grit, ceramic frit, and acid etched products to ensure a safe, beautiful and enduring structural glass product will serve the end user for years to come.

Finally, SAP, LLC along with our partners are working on new “statement making products” to help fill the Interior Designers and Architects material palettes. We are searching far and wide to find interactive and decorative products that will push the material envelope further in regards to beauty, interaction, and sustainability.

About Specialty Architectural Products

Igor Beaufils, SAP, LLC Sales Manager

In 2001, Specialty Architectural Products, LLC began the journey to bring Great Lakes Architects and Interior Designers the World’s finest decorative glass and glass flooring products. Despite being told that these products were “too edgy”, “too radical”, “great for Vegas but not for the Midwest”, and “too expensive”, the US and Canadian Great Lakes Region have now some of the finest decorative glass and glass flooring product installations in North America. We would like to think we had a little hand in contributing to the new reality.

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Design Guides

These Design Guides are to assist designers, specifiers, and owners in their selection of a decorative glass product. Contractors are welcome to review the documentation and download.

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Testimony for Dichrolam LLC

“John, thanks for supplying me with an excellent product. I really appreciate your professionalism and high quality work. The packaging was exceptional, and I also appreciate the extra pieces you added. Thanks!”

Rusty (Artist in California)

Testimony for Jockimo, Inc.

“Thank you! You guys are amazing to work with. Rarely have I received this much information so easily and clearly. Even the pricing is not nearly what I expected. Consider me a fan.”

Aimee (Designer in Texas)

Testimonies about our service

“Thanks for the update and your responsiveness throughout the design submittal process.”

Elena (Designer in Maryland)

“Thank you so much for responding, Tim. We love your product, and will continue to specify it often. … I just wanted to personally respond; and let you know that Igor is great, and always quick to respond to all of our (firm name omitted) needs.”

Kim (Designer in Chicago)