Obscure Glass

This is a product category that describes many tempered or laminated glass products. The purpose of this glass is usually to diffuse or hide objects or people that are located behind the glass while allowing natural light to flow through the glass.

SAP LLC has many obscure glass products. These products achieve translucency via acid etch, sandblasted etched, texture, laminated films, or by utilizing combinations of several techniques. This product page highlights several of those products, namely acid etch glass, laminated films, controlled opacity film glass, gradient and fade translucent products.

The newest developments in this arena are two-fold. First, we are able to produce glass products that have specific opacity ratings. Second, we are able to produce glass products (i.e., gradient or fade) that have multiple opacity levels within the same glass lite.

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Annette Miller
Gradient Glass
Heavy Translucent Laminated Glass
Low Iron Acid Etched Glass
Legat Architects
Tempered Fade Glass
Kaelynn Lohmeyer
Flat and Bent Acid Etched Glass
Gradient Glass
Obscure Laminated Glass